redPEPPER events sponsored stock and items for a fundraiser to help the community to rebuild the community centre as well as the creche that tragically burnt down

Below is the letter that was sent.  It can also be downloaded here.

Radiant Pre-School logoDear Sir/ Madam

On the 24thAugust 2015 our community was struck with a crisis. What started off as a normal Monday morning for our school principle quickly changed to a nightmare? Radiant preschool has been in our community for years and currently has 65 kids which are cared for by loyal and committed staff. Being a middle class community, many of the parents rely on our preschool to assist in the education of theirkids.

Many parents leave as early as 6:00am to go to work and return well after 18:00pm. Due to this, the principle Delphene Feldman ensures that the crèche is opened by 06:00am, thus allowing parents to drop their kids. So on this particular Monday, it was usual that there were kids arriving as per norm. However by 6:30, Delphene noticed smoke and her first reaction was to get the kids to safety.  The fire then spread through the entire crèche and recreational centre.

The crèche was situated at the Recreation Centre as this is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO). Due to Principle Delphene’squick reaction no child had been injured. Sadly however, everything else was lost to the fire,from the kid’s reports, to the fridge, to Wally the teddy bear. Our JHB Emergency Servicesteamwere incredible with their response to the scene and even arranged counselling for the kids. It was then that Principle Delphene realised that her personal belongings had also burnt which included her hand bag, cell phone and of the monthly fees paid. Everythinghad burnt nothing was spared not even the food that was bought.

Our kids receive breakfast, lunch and a snackdaily andkids that stay later also receive a sandwich later the afternoon. The kids were latermoved toprinciple Delphene’s homewhich consists of only 3 bedrooms and would now have to host 65 kids daily. This is where we currently reside a3 bedroom home with 65kids and 8 staff members,not the idealsituation or circumstances and comes with its own challenges.

We are extremely concerned as we cannot continue accommodating the kids in the home. It is becoming extremely difficult and as the rainy season is upon us we fear that this is not practical or possible. Every space in the home is being utilised. The kids play outside for most of the day due to space constraints, meaning that teaching time has also been impacted drastically,which places ourGrade R learnersat a disadvantage.The yard does also not permit the kids to run around freely due to the same space constraints. There arenot enough tables and chairs for every child so they have to sit on the floor.

Sleepingtime for the kids is not ideal as there is not enough space for them, due to the number of blankets and only having3 mattresses it is a challenge to get 65 kids down for nap time. Every space in the house has a child sleeping.

The school continues to practise the importance of sleep,healthy developmentand healthy meals with the limited resources and assistance from donors. As you can imagine the situation is not idealat all and you can see why our concern exists during the rainy seasonas Mother Nature prepares to clean the air and nourish her soil.

We are urging all for any donations whether big or small. The school lost everything and we are trying to rebuild it as quick as possible but this would not be possible without yoursupport. The fire has destroyed all the material things but not our spirits.

The community as well as the neighbouring communities haveall been supportive,in assisting us and donatingwhat they are able to,but we still need so much more. We are calling on any and all to please assist as we rebuild Radiant Preschool.

We thank you for your time and hope that you are able to assist us. We leave you with these words:

.. Education is the most powerful weapon you use to change the world……. by Nelson Mandela.

Radiant Preschool Fund Raising Committee
Leefar Blennies (Coordinator) 072 800 3202
Radiant Preschool and Aftercare
Principle Delphine Feldman 076 557 7251